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  • Artist: Laura Stevenson
  • TrackName: The Hole
  • Album: Wheel (MP3)


Laura Stevenson - The Hole

“Just like the taste behind my teeth, and like the bullet in my knee, You keep me, darlin’, you keep me from up and sinking in the sand. And like the buzzing of a lamp, and like the aching in my achin hands, You are the constant in my constant, you are the salty air in my sail.”
  • Artist: Brian Fallon
  • TrackName: Great Expectations (with Chuck Ragan)
  • Album: The Revival Tour 2011


Brian Fallon - "Great Expectations (with Chuck Ragan)"

  • Artist: Dave Hause And Chuck Ragan
  • TrackName: Trusty Chords
  • Album: The Revival Tour - Live In Cologne


Dave Hause - Trusty Chords (Hot Water Music cover)

I’ve reblogged this before but it still gets to me. Dave does an amazing job on this.
  • Artist: Chuck Ragan
  • TrackName: Something May Catch Fire
  • Album: Till Midnight
  • Artist: Chuck Ragan
  • TrackName: Meet You in the Middle
  • Album: Covering Ground


Chuck Ragan/Brian Fallon - Meet You in the Middle

Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music) and Brian Fallon (The Gaslight Anthem). from Chuck Ragan’s third solo album, Covering Ground.

She has sucha cute smile.

She has sucha cute smile.

  • Artist: Math the Band
  • TrackName: Four to Six
  • Album: Best Swishes! Thanks a Dunks!


Math the Band - Four to Six